The place

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An accessible other side of the world...

"Coq & Lion" is nestled in one of the most beautiful villages of the "Quercy" named "Anglars." From its limestone cliffs, it straddles the departments of Lot and Aveyron and overlooks Cajarc, an important city of the "Pays de Figeac."

The building used to be a large farm - named "quercynoise" - consisting of three houses successively built between the 17th and the 19th century. They finally have been reunited over time. The property has always belonged to a very easy middle class family, and some of the owners have been repeatedly elected "maire" of the village.

The house has been fully transformed, restored and modernized, with the firm desire to preserve the charm, details and peculiarities of the old house it used to be.

The gardens

We have 2 gardens :

At the bottom, in front of  the old sheepfold where breakfast is served and also the cultural place of "Coq & Lion."

The other one above serves as a beach during the day, and becomes the "observation post" of the sky when the night comes.

The "triangle of the Quercy" is one of the last regions of Europe where the night sky is not polluted by human light. The garden is an ideal place for the observation of planets, the Milky Way, and tens of thousands of stars that composes it.

The weather

Here people say:

     "Bad weather slides before the Lot" ...
     "Thanks to north wind: weather will be refreshing" ...

The climate of Quercy is characterized by the double influence of the Massif Central and the Mediterranean areas. Sun shines during around 2200 to 2500 hours per year, making the Lot and Aveyron departments among the sunniest departments of France.


Couvert 8 °C


  • Min: 5 °C
  • Max: 9 °C
  • Vent: 18 kmh 300°
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